What Top Managers Say about Smart Alliances

"No company in the world today can go it alone--Harbison and Pekar not only expose the compelling rationale for strategic partnerships, but they reveal a tested methodology to assist top management in assessing this essential path to success. A must read for business leaders."

--Ray Lane, President & Chief Operating Officer, Oracle Corporation

"Working together globally -- Harbison and Pekar provide insightful execution strategies."

--Alan R. Mulally, President, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group

"The accelerating pace of global commerce, escalating complexity and heightened risks faced by high technology enterprises has increased their dependence on alliance networks. This volume provides a superb analysis of strategic trends in alliance formulation in different industries, together with pragmatic commentary on the operational challenges of making alliances work."

--George Poste, Chief Science & Technology Officer, SmithKline Beecham


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