Chart of the Week


ROI Grows as Alliance Experience Increases
Not All Alliances Are Strategic
Success Increases With Experience
Alliances Growing as a Source of Revenue
ROI is Higher for Alliances
Alliances Result in Higher ROE
US Alliances Becoming More "Strategic"
Roadmap to Alliance Success
Alliance Framework-Best Practice Diagnostic
Europe and Asia See U.S. as Behind in Integration and Implementation
What Europeans Do Better
Alliances Issues/Concerns Vary by Region
Alliances Relevant to All Industries
Alliances Average $48 Million Investment
Most Firms Evolve Their Alliance Capability
Successful Alliance Companies Depend More on Alliances for Growth
High Success Alliance Companies Average 90% Success Rate
Successful Alliance Companies Earn More Profits on their Alliances
Successful Companies Do More Assessments of Both Themselves and Partners
Successful Alliance Companies are More Disciplined in Following a Process
Successful Alliance Companies Do Better at Integration Planning, Bargaining Power, and Leverage Assessment
Many Companies Are Moving to Capture Alliance Best Practices, With More Focus Externally
Successful Companies Are More Likely to Have Only Corporate Functional Alliance Groups
Alliances at Successful Companies Report More to Top Management
Industry Agenda Drives Relevance of Cross-Border Alliances
Hence US Less Active in Cross-Border
Forces Shaping Alliances -- Filling Capability Gaps
Primary Alliance Drivers: Globalization and Capability Gaps
Challenges Specific to Alliance Drivers
HP Recognized the Importance in Capturing Strategic Alliance Best Practices
Alliance Framework-Best Practice Diagnostic
Evolution of Websites
Only a Third of the Companies Offer Alliances Training
Examples of Electronic Knowledge Exchanges
Companies are Choosing Different Alliance Organization Solutions
Racing Toward Global Capabilities
Forces Shaping Alliances: Globalization of Markets
Successful Alliance Companies Are More Focused on Alliances Which Are Strategic
Almost Everyone Believes Alliances Will Continue to Grow in Importance
Growth Driven by Both Number and Size of Alliances
Experience Drives ROI in Most Industries
Electronics Industry  -- "Explosion of Dust" Leads to Lower Returns
But Electronics Now Learning from Past Mistakes
Alliance Announcements Move the Market
Looking for Trends in Other Countries
Strategic Alliances More Complex to Negotiate
US Companies View Alliances More Positively
Drivers and Rationale -- Understanding from Both Partners' Perspectives
Seeds of Alliance Failure Sown Long Before Agreements Are Signed
100 Best Practice Diagnostic Elements
Alliance Framework -- Best Practice Diagnostic
Alliance Framework -- Tailoring the Approach
Corning Shows the Way: 48 Alliances
Foreign Alliance Skills Stronger Than U.S.
America Versus Europe and Asia: Key Alliance Success Factors
Evolution of Alliance Capabilities
We Understand What Successful Companies are Doing Differently
Forces Shaping Alliances -- Blurring of Industry Boundaries
Half of Recent Alliances Are Amongst Competitors
Command/Control Business Model Not Appropriate for Alliance Era
Each Company Needs to Select Appropriate Blend of these "Pure Tone" Architectural Models
A New Business Model Is Emerging That Contains Elements of Control and Cooperation
Gap Filling Dominates Strategic Alliance Portfolio - But Cooperatives & Constellations Increasing
Example -- The Future of Global Airlines "Cooperative"
The New Allianced Enterprise Will Build on the Concepts of the "Global Core"
Successful Companies Are More Likely to Have Only Corporate Functional Alliance Groups
Alliances at Successful Companies Report More to Top Management
AOL Stock Rises on Alliance News, but Falls on Merger News
Growth Is Number One Reason For Alliances For Top 2000 US and European Firms
Growth Is Number One Reason For Alliances For Members of ACG
U.S. Will Continue to Grow as We Follow the Pattern in Europe
Successful Alliance Companies Place Bigger Bets in Their Alliances
Smaller Firms Are Achieving Even Higher ROIs Than Larger Companies
Successful Alliance Companies Are Much More Profitable
Strategic Alliances Attractiveness Versus IPOs, Venture Capital and Mezzanine Financing
This Preference is Greatest in Companies that Have Achieved Success with Alliances
Over 50% of Fortune 500 Companies Are Shrinking, not Growing
High Growth Companies are More Alliance-Intensive
Also High ROI Companies are More Alliance-Intensive

Alliances Yield Superior Growth & Profitability Without Trade-offs
Investors Recognize this Growth Problem
Mix of Alliances Shifting to Equity Alliances
Most Publicly Announced Equity Alliances are Non Internet Related
Equity Alliances Are Impacting All Industries
Foreign Companies Participate in Nearly 80% of all Equity Alliances
Japanese Have Used Cross-Corporate Alliances for Decades
Case Study: Nestlé's Ice Cream & Confectionary Business--Drag on Growth
Corporate Alliances Fueling Growth in other Businesses for Nestlé
Nestle Creates ICP JV (50/50) with Haagen-Daaz to Rejuvenate Business
Alliances Extended to Dreyers--Allowing Nestle to Become New Market Leader
BellSouth: Platform JV to Enter German Wireless Market & Generate Record Gain
Wal-Mart & Cifra Leapfrog Competition Through Equity Alliance
Fuji Xerox Evolved from Shared Resource Alliance to 50/50 JV to Source of Capital
As Less Risky Corporate Growth Vehicle, Alliances Now Outnumber Acquisitions
Acquisitions Too Often Fail to Accelerate Growth or Increase Shareholder Value
Investor Reaction to Acquisitions Has Been Unfavorable
Vivendi Acquisition Spree Did Not Increase Shareholder Wealth
Investors are Taking Note of M&A Failures and Major Write-Downs
Alliances are Better to Launch New Businesses and Enter New Markets
In Past 10 Years, Median Partner Equity Investment Risen from $28MM to $90MM
Median Partner Buyout in an Equity Alliance is $350 Million
Market Collapse Depressed Equity Alliance Investment, but Returns Increasing
Alliances Are Contributing a Growing Share of Market Capitalization


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