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This site is one of the leading destinations for strategic alliance professionals, with over 30,000 "hits" per month. Our goal is to provide useful information on the fast growing and challenging world of Strategic Alliances that will help you make alliances work for your company. The emphasis is on practical advice about:


Why Strategic Alliances are growing at a phenomenal rate

Why they are more profitable than other forms of corporate activity

How experienced alliance companies earn returns 2-5 times that of inexperienced companies

How alliance intensive companies achieve superior revenue growth and superior profitability

Best Practices which are linked to what the experienced alliance companies do differently

How can you accelerate your company's institutional alliance learning, rather than rely on individual learning

We provide links to the best books, perspectives, experts and conferences on alliances. The site will be continually upgraded, and new content will be added every week -- so we hope to see you again!

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