What the Press Say about Smart Alliances

"Harbison and Pekar have been at the forefront of the field of alliances for more than a decade. At no point in history has their insight and clarity been so desperately needed."

--James Bamford, Editor, The Alliance Analyst

"To find out exactly what a strategic alliance is, I can name no better source than Booz-Allen & Hamilton's John Harbison, . . . co-author of Smart Alliances., a book notable for it easily understood and direct structure -- and for a wealth of charts and graphs which make the subject quite vivid."

--Tom Brown, Editor, Management General, February 16, 1999

"Smart Alliances is recommended reading for any corporate director, but particularly for directors of companies currently engaged in or contemplating an alliance . . . Smart Alliances lights a way along theis critical path."

--Director's Monthly, November 1998

"Much ink and lip service is being devoted these days to the concept of strategic alliances, and much less on how to get a fix on them. Although Smart Alliances deals exclusively with the for -profit business world, there is much to recommend it to association executives."

--Executive Update, March 1999

"Booz-Allen & Hamilton consultants John Harbison and Peter Pekar, Jr. synthesize ground-breaking research on 600 companies and 6000 alliances into . . . the first authoritative book on the emerging mega-trend in global business."

--Mid-America Commerce & Industry, December 1998

"How to get yourself a strategic alliance -- must read"

--Sacremento Business Journal, October 16, 1998


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