The Conference Board and Booz·Allen & Hamilton

The following quotes from Alliance Analyst (the leading publication dedicated to the topic of alliances) describe past Conference Board/Booz·Allen Strategic Alliances events :

"Booz·Allen is the management consultancy with the most disciplined and rigorous approach to the field of collaboration. The depth of their thinking showed in almost every overhead . . ." (April 17, 1995)

"Every spring, alliance managers flock to New York as if they were the swallows heading to Capistrano. They come to attend the two-day alliance conference hosted by Booz·Allen & Hamilton and the Conference Board. In the still forming field of alliances, it is close as it gets to the annual meeting. It is a chance to assess the state of the field" (April 1, 1996)

"Booz·Allen is the front-runner on alliance strategy. The firm is prolific in its creation of alliance viewpoint documents They have established centers of excellence, alliance databases, strategy frameworks and process guidelines." (May 12, 1997)

"Booz·Allen has done yeoman's work in pushing the debate to a new level of quantification Booz·Allen has accelerated the learning." (June 9, 1997)

Still the preeminent cross-industry conference on alliances." (October 15, 1997)

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