Alliance Conferences

Conference Board/Booz•Allen

From 1995 - 2002, The Conference Board and Booz·Allen & Hamilton co-sponsored an annual conference on strategic alliances in New York. Peter Pekar and John Harbison were featured speakers at these events, which quickly developed a reputation as being the leading alliance conference. After Harbison and Pekar left Booz•Allen, the conference has been co-sponsored by IBM and ASAP. Below are the agendas and speakers for these events:


Reviews by Alliance Analyst

May 8-9, 2003 Agenda

April 9-10, 2002 Agenda

March 28-29, 2001 Agenda and Speakers

March 30-31, 2000 Agenda and Speakers

April 22-23, 1999 Agenda and Speakers

April 30 & May 1,1998 Agenda

October 20-21, 1997 (Europe) Agenda

April 29-30, 1997 Agenda

March 26-27, 1996 Agenda

March 29-30, 1995 Agenda

Past Speakers at CB/BAH alliance conference

Past Agendas at CB/BAH alliance conference


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